Tangleberry Cottage


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Luxury self-catering for foodies

 "Beautiful cottage, lovely fireplace and the most comfortable beds. Fully equipped kitchen with everything that opens and closes. Stunning vegetable garden and best of all is that you can pick vegetables/herbs while staying there."

One supposes that people like self-catering because they enjoy cooking. And if you do, then you’ll love Tangleberry Cottage. Situated forty-five minutes to an hour from Cape Town and 30 minutes from Cape Town International Airport, it’s a self-catering retreat recently established and fitted with excellent cooking equipment and food preparation utensils that would please any gastronome, chef or cook.

Tangleberry Cottage is surrounded by fruit orchards and vineyards. When spring arrives you’ll find yourself encircled by a carpet of pastel blossom. Summer brings the colour blue, rosy cheeks and grasshoppers in merry moods. The Overberg holds the largest Blue Crane population in the world and you’ll awake to the sounds of several hundred bird species. All the farms in the area are part of the Groenland Water Scheme and I like to call our delicious, sweet tasting water that flows down through the upper regions of the Hottentots Holland mountains and valleys, ‘Fynbos water’ – it’s cool and sweet as a mountain stream.

“Tangleberry Cottage” – 2 Bedroom Cottage
Seasonal : 01/10/2013 to 31/5/2014

Minimum rate 2 people sharing (10% increase from 1 September 2015):
R2,600.00 (2 people sharing x 2 nights)
Thereafter: R1,300.00 (2 people sharing per night).

Minimum rate 4 people sharing (10% increase from 1 September 2015)::
R2,600 (4 people sharing x 1 night)
Thereafter: R2,600 ( 4 people sharing per night)