The Dining Room


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Monday – Friday: 8:30am – 3pm (private functions can be arranged for any night of the week).

117 Sir Lowry Road , Woodstock 

Reacquaint guests with their grandmother’s dining room,

“In a world of incredible choice, it’s so refreshing to not have to make a decision and just trust that whatever’s being served is going to be good,” Karen says of her very simple, one-dish-a-day philosophy.

Simply, The Dining Room is exactly what it says on the sign, a room with tables that wouldn't be out of place in your old Aunt's house. There's no banging, clattering kitchen to see, it's all about you and the food. 

Prices: Breakfast rings in at R45, lunch with various salads goes for R90, a pot of coffee for one person costs R18 (toast included) and a pot for three costs R30. As far as the private dinner parties are concerned, Karen charges around R9500 for 20 people, all services and extras included. 

Best for: Their pork belly and crackling is divine and it's a lovely spot away for keeping the focus on sharing food with your friends and family.