Spier Food Garden

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Open Monday - Saturday from 09h00 to sunset

The Spier Food Garden on Spier Wine Farm is open daily to visitors from 09h00 to sunset.

The Spier gardening team has transformed an old horse paddock into a thriving food garden to grow delicious and nutrient-rich produce using eco-friendly and regenerative techniques.

The fruits, herbs, salad greens, and vegetables they harvest from this serene space are used in our restaurants and sold in our online shop and at Spier Farm Café.

The Spier Food Garden is open daily to visitors from 09h00 to sunset. You’re welcome to meander through it at your own pace, exploring the seasonal bounty. Curious about growing your own food at home? Our friendly gardeners are always happy to share their insights.

Self-harvesting: Visit the garden Monday - Saturday from 09h00 to 11h00 to harvest your own produce from the garden for R150. Advanced booking is essential; click here to secure your spot. Comfortable shoes and a sunhat are recommended.