Farm Shop at Babylonstoren

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With a firm grounding in the farm’s rich heritage, yet with an eye to innovation, the Babylonstoren Farm Shop is a reflection of our contemporary, unhurried farm lifestyle. Directed by the ever-changing tapestry and seasonal abundance of our gardens, the preparation of our fine living products starts long before you walk through the door.

Each item is a labour of love that is nurtured by skilled hands and brought to life by the thoughtful selection of materials and ingredients, many of which are created on the farm itself. Some of our most successful items have happened by chance – through a process of testing and learning, and listening to our most valued customers.

We grow our own wheat on the farm. After the harvest, the wheat is taken to Caledon where it is stored in silos and later stoneground. This flour is sold in the Farm Shop, but is also used by our own bakers who make sure we have freshly baked bread early every morning for our restaurants. All our bread is baked in a traditional wood-fired oven.

When the Dutch settlers arrived in South Africa in the 17th century they brought with them recipes to cure and preserve meat. What began as a necessity turned into a much-loved delicacy. Our biltong and droëwors strictly follow traditional South African recipes hailing from the platteland. We also make pickled and smoked bacon. The best meat in the world comes from Chianina cattle, an age-old Italian breed. Our herd of Chianina is entirely farm reared and grass fed, and our steaks reach the rarefied levels of the best bistecca fiorentina.

Our cheese makers have been trained by Italian experts and the whole process is done by hand. Our Greek-style strained yoghurt is made from full cream milk. Every day, we make fresh mozzarella. Folding a little curd and cream into the core turns it into burrata. Then we boil the whey and skim off ricotta. Other cheeses from our larder include fior di latte, feta, halloumi and our favourite ‘hang op’ yoghurt cheese.

In the same 18th-century building, which originally housed the blacksmith, stables and waenhuis (waggon house), we have the Lekker Room – a tantalizing space of flavours where our own almonds and pecan nuts, grown on the farm, are roasted. From roasted nuts to steaming coffee and everything in between can be tasted here.

Our captivating Scented Room, located in the Factory, is a quiet oasis where guests are mesmerised by the lingering scents of waterblommetjies, roses, fynbos and many more. The images and scents of the garden are captured in our soaps, candles, bath oils and linen cloth. Make your own scrub and mask or learn the process of making essential oils.