Peter Falke Wines Boutique

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Closed on Mondays
Tuesday - Sunday: 11h00 - 19h00

Closed on New Year's Day, Christmas Day & Good Friday.

Inspired by the five senses and the Asian elements Air, Earth, Water, Fire and Wood, with a sense of harmony and balance reflecting the Eastern philosophy of the Yin and Yang, Danièle Görtz, interior designer, created our contemporary winery.
Dating back to the 18th century, the traditional gabled Cape Dutch buildings of the wine estate belie a contrasting modernity within. The stately old homestead is partnered by a "boutique" winery, contemporary wine tasting room and luxurious outdoor lounge which have established Peter Falke Wines as the most elegant and serene sundowner retreat in the winelands.

Our boutique leads you through a journey of the five senses and a visual feast with its exclusive ranges of homeware, tableware and objets d'art selected from around the world.