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At Leopard’s Leap, wine is seen as one of life’s great pleasures, to be enjoyed in the company of good friends and exciting foods. Inspired by this outlook, we have a passion for creating experiences where the wonders of wine can be exploited to the full – its way of creating closeness between friends and family, friends and food, food and wine – its magic in making memories.

SA Table

Sharing the diversity that is South African food, the Leopard’s Leap South African Table presents guests with the opportunity to taste authentic South African dishes and to learn more about the food heritage while sharing a meal.

Click here for more information (link: https://www.leopardsleap.co.za/experience/south-african-table/)

Cooking Demonstrations

Food lovers wanting to fine-tune or expand their culinary skills are invited to take part in a programme of Cooking Demonstrations conducted by Leopard’s Leap in-house chef Pieter de Jager. Staying seasonal and topical, the programme covers a wide spectrum of food types and cooking methods.

Click here for more information (link: https://www.leopardsleap.co.za/experience/cooking-classes/)

Food and Wine Pairing

Join Leopard’s Leap chef, Pieter de Jager and one of Leopard’s Leap’s knowledgeable and enthusiastic Wine Tasting Ambassadors on Friday mornings for the Culinaria Food and Wine Pairing – a tasting of the six wines in the Leopard’s Leap Culinaria Collection, each paired with an example of an ideal food partner.

Click here to find out more (link: https://www.leopardsleap.co.za/experience/food-and-wine-pairing/)

Family Table

The inviting Family Table is the ideal way to celebrate special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, family get-togethers or feasts with friends. Available on weekends for groups of 10 to 20 (for exclusivity) or as a communal table, the Family Table has a dedicated waiter to ensure a hassle-free day and full wine glasses.

Click here to find out more (link: https://www.leopardsleap.co.za/experience/family-table/)