Cederberg Day Hikes

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Office Hours Mon-Sat:
08h00 - 17:00
Office Hours Sunday & Public Holidays:
09h00 - 12h00 &
16h00 - 18h00

Day hikes in the Cederberg Conservancy area vary from 1 - 8 hours.

These hikes are moderate and your personal level of fitness should guide you in deciding which route to follow.

Always carry enough water, warm clothes and snacks when embarking on any hike. Travel in groups of at least two. Groups are limited to a maximum of 12. Groups must not split up as this could result in group members getting lost and having to spend an unplanned night in the mountains.

  • Duration of trails indicated as a return trip.
  • Unless otherwise stated, permits are obtained at the facility listed.
  • Day fees are charged for all day hikes
  • Hiking Maps are available from Slingsby Maps

Sanddrif / Dwarsrivier Hikes:

  • Lot's Wife & Window Rocks:1- 1½ hours
  • Maalgat:½ hour down stream from Sanddrif
  • Maltese Cross:2½ – 3 hours
  • Wolfberg Cracks:3-4 hours
  • Wolfberg Arch – via Wolfberg Cracks: 8 hours