Hazendal Wine Lounge

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Tuesdays - Saturdays: 09h00-16h30 (last tasting before the Wine Centre transforms into a cocktail lounge).

Sundays: 09h00-16h30 (last tasting)

A sensory experience for the novice or connoisseur.

The wine tasting lounge

Hazendal was one of the first farms to produce wine in the region, so it is fitting that our premium Wine Tasting Lounge is located in the estate’s original cellar. While the cellar dates back to 1870, this space has been completely reimagined and is blending traditional and contemporary design to create the perfect environment for swirling, tasting and talking wine.

Our tastings

The world of tasting wine can feel intimidating, but it is our goal to blend friendliness with expertise. Each of our Tasting Ambassadors has a genuine enthusiasm for wine and a rich knowledge of the estate offerings, so whether you are tasting for the fun of it or are a fine wine connoisseur, you can be assured that you will find the tasting journey equally rewarding.

We currently have 3 tasting options:

  • The Christoffel Hazenwinkel Range Tasting: R35 for the 3 wines.
  • The Hazendal Range Tasting: R65 for our 3 premium white wines.
  • The Grand Tasting: R90 for all 6 wines.

We have a Cheese and Charcuterie board available (R145), and the Tasting Lounge at Hazendal leads into our fine dining restaurant, Avant-Garde. We also serve Zakuski (Russian-inspired tapas-styled food) and cocktails on Tuesdays to Saturdays from 16h00 to 19h00.

Christoffel Hazenwinkel Range

Named after the founding father of Hazendal, the Christoffel Hazenwinkel Range serves as an introduction to the ethos of quality and meticulous attention to detail that is prevalent throughout this historic estate. Our Winemaker and Cellar Master, Clarise Sciocatti-Langeveldt, ensures that every drop of wine is made with the utmost care in our state-of-the-art 120 tonne wine cellar.

Hazendal Range

The Hazendal Range of wines is synonymous with quality, consistency and elegance. Minimalist intervention is applied in the cellar to allow the Bottelary terroir to shine in every bottle.

Terroir and grape varieties

Our vineyards are nestled in the north-westerly slopes of the Bottelary Hills. A range of different aspects, soil types and the influence of the cool Atlantic Ocean make for a variety of different terroirs paired with varieties that are best suited for each specific site.

It is fitting that Hazendal’s wine tasting takes place in the farm’s original wine cellar. A grand copper fireplace presides over an eclectic and artful combination of old world Harrington sofas, geometric wooden floors and a modern copper bar.

Hazendal has also developed an interactive tasting experience that enables novices to explore and define their understanding and ability to identify flavours, body, tannins and make wine tasting notes.

As one of South Africa’s oldest wine-producing farms, Hazendal has a wide selection of wines for visitors to sample. This ranges from the easy-drinking Christoffel Hazenwinkel concept range to Hazendal’s premium collection of award-winning white wines. Hazendal’s noble red wines are still maturing in the underground Barrel Room waiting to reach optimal maturation. These carefully crafted wines will be ready for release in 2019.