Benguela Cellar Door Tastings

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Open 7 days a week. No bookings required.

If the thought of beautifully landscaped areas, the distinct smell of the ocean and a refined glass of wine piques your interest, then visit the Cellar Door for the ultimate tasting experience.

Wine Tasting

R80 per person | 45 minutes 

Our wine ambassadors will talk you through a tasting of any five of our estate wines. Guests have the option to purchase their favourite wines from our selection to take home with them. On orders over R150, your tasting fee will be refunded against your wine purchase.

Booking not required | Available 7 days a week

Millionaires Tasting Experience

R40 per person for a tasting of one wine, R55 per person for a tasting of two wines | 30 minutes

A delicious tasting for those with a sweet tooth. We combine the tasting of two of our most incredible dessert wines, Noble Late Harvest and Matilda’s Secret Natural Sweet with the multi-textured caramel delight of our homemade millionaires shortbread.

No booking required | Available 7 days a week

Chocolate & Wine Pairing

R110pp | 60 minutes

Chocolate pairings available:

1. Dark chocolate with a lemon ganache filling, paired with the elegant tropical fruit flavour of the Benguela Cove Sauvignon Blanc.

2. Milk chocolate with a filling of honey and almond, paired with the complex Benguela Cove Chardonnay.

3. Dark chocolate with a peppery ganache filling, paired with the sweet fruitiness of the Benguela Cove Matilda’s Secret. The white peppery notesecho the aftertaste of the Chardonnay and accentuate its berry flavours.

4. Dark chocolate with a very hot chilli ganache filling, paired with the rich fruit flavours of the Benguela Cove Shiraz.

No booking required | Available 7 days a week

A Wine & Cheese Pairing Experience

R110 | 60 minutes

Benguela Cove Sauvignon Blanc & Caciotta from Udderly Delicious, Darling

A soft curd cheese (a cross between feta and brie) made with animal rennet by an artisanal cheese-maker in her home. Sixty litres of local cow’s milk is collected daily to produce this very versatile cheese.

Benguela Cove Chardonnay & Matured Boerenkaas from Doornkraal Cheese Factory, Cullinan

A mild Gouda cheese kept on the shelf for 4 weeks at a constant 12˚C, produced in the traditional Dutch method, obtaining the good and natural bacteria necessary for a successful ageing process.

Benguela Cove Pinot Noir & Karoo Crumble from Langbaken, Karoo

A mature hard cheese which is a cross between a gruyere and a cheddar. It has a firm crumbly texture and good crystals. The finish on the palate is smooth with a fruity flavour.

Matilda’s Secret & Cremona Blue from Denmark

A full-bodied, rich and complex cheese presenting a crumbed yellowish colour with greenish blue veins evenly spread throughout. Showing some irregular distribution holes, it finishes with a tangy sharp taste.

Benguela Cove Shiraz & Phantom Forest from Belnori Boutique Cheesery, Benoni

A mould-ripened creamy chevre cheese encased in ash, with a layer of ash through it. It has a subtle mushroom flavour and is made using milk from hand-reared Swiss Saanen.

No booking required | Available 7 days a week