Bonnievale Cookie and Wine Pairing

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Offering 5 different cookies paired with 5 of our wonderful wines

Offering 5 different cookies paired with 5 of our wonderful wines

Cookie & Wine pairing - Cost: R40 pr person

Meringue - Dawn
• The Dawn is a slightly sparkling, semi-sweet wine. It’s a light summer wine which is soft on the palette. That’s why we chose the meringue to go with this wine. Meringue is soft in itself and the two just complement each other so well. The meringue turns the slightly sparkling in the Dawn into a new sensation in your mouth.

Lemon Shortbread - Chardonnay
• The Chardonnay is slightly wooded and still has a buttery, round mouthful of ripe tropical fruit flavours with a hint of citrus. It’s this hint of citrus that we would really like to bring out in the Chardonnay with this biscuit. Trying the two together changes the structure of the wine into that beautiful citrus chardonnay. The shortbread also accentuates the buttery feel in the wine.

Mocha - Merlot
• The Merlot is a medium to full bodied red wine with rich berry flavours, and a touch of vanilla and mocha. We really like the mocha in the wine and eating this mocha biscuit dipped in chocolate brings out the mocha beautifully in this wine. Chocolate always goes well with red wine.

Cinnamon - Cabernet/Shiraz
• Now this is an extra special pairing. One we did not expect when we tried it together. It is a 60/40% blend with flavours of ripe plums, spices and hints of vanilla sweetness. The cinnamon in the biscuit changes the wine into a minty fresh feel in your mouth, which make this for an exotic combination.

Cheese straws - Barrel Select Shiraz
• The Vertex is our top wine. Vertex meaning the top peak of a mountain. It is a complex wine with prominent spice and berry flavours. With this savoury biscuit we bring out a spicy/pepper feel in your mouth and also leave’s a creamy finish.