Goede Hoop Estate Wine Tasting

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Open from 10h00 till 16h00

Pieter Bestbier, 3rd generation wine farmer invites you to his Pieter's Private Cellar event, for a night of gourmet food and a selection of vintage wines ranging from the 1970's to current.Groups of 10 minimum to 12 maximum can make bookings.
The evening starts with a tasting of MCC made by the owner, Pieter Bestbier and wine maker, Albert Ahrens. 6 Guest couples will have the opportunity to browse through Pieter's Private Cellar and each couple may select a vintage bottle for the table.

The 6 selected wines will be formally tasted in 3 flights, each separated by one of the 4 gourmet courses of the evening.

The evening ends with Vintage Port or Straw Wine and a selection of cheeses.