KWV Wine Emporium

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Monday to Friday: 9am – 4pm 
Saturdays: 9am – 3pm 
Sundays: 9am – 1pm

Experience KWV Emporium! Occupying over 22 hectares, the KWV cellar complex in Paarl is one of the largest in the world.

Our famous Cathedral Cellar, superb wines and brandies, and fascinating history provide you with a lasting memory of the people, stories, and products that have established KWV as one of the world’s most admired wine brands.

The KWV Wine Emporium offers sparkling wines, natural wines, fortified wines, liqueurs and brandies, a variety of tasting experiences, and frequent cellar tours conducted in English and German.


KWV Classic Collection Range 

  • Classic Collection Sauvignon Blanc or Chardonnay
  • Classic Collection Moscato or Rosé
  • Classic Collection Merlot
  • Classic Collection Pinotage
  • Classic Collection Shiraz
  • Classic Collection Cabernet Sauvignon


  • Laborie Chenin Blanc
  • Laborie Sauvignon Blanc
  • Laborie Chardonnay
  • Laborie Merlot/Cabernet
  • Laborie Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Laborie Shiraz


  • Roodeberg Rosé
  • Roodeberg Red Blend
  • Roodeberg Reserve
  • Roodeberg 1949
  • Dr Charles Niehaus Roodeberg

Cathedral Cellar 

  • Cathedral Cellar Sauvignon Blanc
  • Cathedral Cellar Chardonnay
  • Cathedral Cellar Shiraz
  • Cathedral Cellar Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Cathedral Cellar Triptych

KWV The Mentors 

  • The Mentors Grenache Noir
  • The Mentors Cabernet Franc
  • The Mentors Petit Verdot
  • The Mentors Canvas
  • The Mentors Orchestra

Liqueurs & Fortified wines

  • KWV Classic Red Muscadel
  • KWV Classic Cape Tawny
  • KWV Classic Cape Ruby
  • Laborie Pino de Laborie

Cream & Liqueurs tasting

  • Wild Africa Cream Original
  • Wild Africa Cream Chocolate
  • Wild Africa Cream Caffe Latte
  • Sally Williams

Enticing Pairings

Pot Still Brandy & Chocolate 

  • KWV 10yr Brandy & Belgian Milk Chocolate
  • KWV 12yr Brandy &  Almond Milk Chocolate
  • KWV 15yr Brandy & Belgian Dark Chocolate
  • KWV 20yr Brandy & Belgian White Chocolate

Cap Classique & Sally Williams

  • Laborie Blanc de Blanc & Almond Nougat
  • Laborie Brut & Macadamia Nougat
  • Laborie Brut Rosé & Cranberry & Almond Nougat
  • Laborie Le Grand Nectar & Milk Chocolate with Roasted Nougat
  • Laborie Le Grand Nectar Rosé & Rose Turkish Delight

Premium Wine Pairing with artisanal bites

  • Cathedral Cellar Sauvignon Blanc & Dried Mango with Chicken Chilli Bite
  • Cathedral Cellar Chardonnay & White Chocolate coated Honeycomb
  • KWV The Mentors Pinotage & Beef Biltong
  • KWV The Mentors Petit Verdot & Dark Chocolate coated Smokey Almond Nougat

Gin Tasting

  • Imagin Classic
  • Imagin Citrus
  • Cruxland Kalahari Truffle
  • Cruxland Black Winter Truffle
  • Served with Barker & Quinn Indian Tonic

A High Experience - New Blind Vertical Tasting

Enjoy a blind, vertical tasting of 3 vintages of our flagship The Mentors Perold

Kiddies goodie box available

Tastings are available from: 

Monday to Friday: 9am – 4pm 
Saturdays: 9am – 3pm 
Sundays: 9am – 1pm