Klawer Wine Cellar Tasting

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Paired Wine Tasting Available from:
Monday to Friday: 09h00 - 16h00
Saturdays: 10h00 - 12h00

Big groups have to make reservations.

Closed on Sundays

Open on Some Public Holidays, please contact us to confirm

Klawer Wine Cellar, winner of numerous Veritas and National wine awards, proudly offers an outstanding selection of quality wines, which includes Chenin Blanc, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot, Pinotage, and Shiraz.

White Wine Pairing: R60 per person
Klawer Chenin Blanc & raspberry truffle in white chocolate
Klawer Sauvignon Blanc & orange fudge
Klawer Chardonnay and mango & passion fruit nougat
Villa Esposto Sauvignon Blanc & Lemon Raspberry Caramello

Red Wine Pairing: R60 per person
Klawer Merlot & Rosé turkish delight in milk chocolate
Klawer Pinotage and cranberry & pistachio truffle in dark chocolate
Klawer Cabernet Sauvignon & salted caramel in dark chocolate
Villa Esposto Pinotage & coriander & mint truffle in white chocolate

Rosè Wine Pairing: R60 per person
Villa Esposto Dry Rosé & rosé turkish delight
Klawer Rosé & raspberry Truffle
Michelle Sparkling Wine & rosé mallow in white chocolate
Red Muscadel & berry & cherry nougat

Rooibos and Wine Pairing: R60 per person
Villa Esposto Chenin Blanc & rooibos fudge
Villa Esposto Rosé & rooibos drizzle and local olive oil
Klawer Pinotage & rooibos biscotti
Klawer Cabernet Sauvignon & rooibos soya sauce and cheddar
African Ruby Rooibos infused wine, enjoyed on its own

Kiddies Pairing: R25 per person
White Grape juice & Smartie Mellow
Red Grape Juice & Toffee
Red/White Sparkling Grape Juice & Lollipop