Wine Tasting & Sales at Eaglevlei

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The Estate is situated in the Greater Simonsberg Region of Stellenbosch and is home to 7.5ha of red vines. Cultivars include Pinotage, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon which is perfectly suited of the Terroir. All vineyard activities are done by hand e.g. pruning, suckering and harvesting.

This ensures that all vines get the needed attention for the production of superior quality Boutique Wines. Care is taken to manipulate vines to promote optimal phenolic ripeness of grapes. This allows for minimal intervention later on in the winemaking process.

The Estate boasts a Boutique Winery specialising in high quality Stellenbosch Origin Red Wines. A minimalist approach is taken, reverting to old ways e.g. concrete open-top fermenters, the use of a manual basket press for pressing the red grapes after fermentation. The basket press has a much softer pressing action that helps curb the extraction of excess harsh tannins.

Wines are matured in a combination of different Oak, e.g. French, Hungarian and Russian Oak, for a period of  ±18-20 months at the discretion of the Cellar Master.