Feiteiras Tasting Room Kitchen

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The Vineyard Kitchen is open by arrangement only for groups of 10 to 24 persons.
Price is quoted after menu selection.
Variation of items is restricted to 2 from appetizers and 2 from plate of the day & 2 from sweets.
Selection and quantity must be supplied with booking.
Price will be quoted on receiving above

Please note the menu is not cast in stone and other Portuguese variations will be considered.

The Pole Basket Press and other activities can be included - grape picking / stoping / wine making - together with meals when grapes are available from the neighbouring farms - neccessarily also by arrangement with a minimum of 12.

Please call for more information
Jose - 0824531597
Mannie - 0829055566

Tasca Portuguese Tavern
Els’s Portuguese Salad
Green Salad with Tuna or Calamari or Chourico
Goat Cheese (Feta) Salad

Appetizers, & Soups
Grilled Calamari Tubes
Tuna Chunks Vinaigrette
Rissoes – Prawn, Cod, Veg pastry cakes
Pickled Baby Octopus
Grilled Limpets (quota restricted)
Clams & Chourico
Fried Chicken Livers Balsamic & Juniper Berry reduction
Chicken Gizzard Peri-Peri
Trichado – Beef chunks in mild peri-peri wine sauce marinade
Grilled Chourico (smoked pork sausage)
Caldo Verde – Kale Leaf /Chourico/Potato – Soup
Beef Pumpkin & Pea Soup
Chicken Cous Cous Soup

Plate of the Day
Bacalhau a Gomes de Sa – Salted Cod Casserole (Portugal’s favorite dish)
Grilled Calamari
Grilled L.M. Prawns
Tuna Steak
Fish Casserole
O’Porto Tripe – Chourico , Pork Knuckle & Beans
Carne P V e I , Pork Meat Wine & Garlic Casserole with Cous Cous
Espetada – Skewered Beef (rump) cubes over charcoal fire
Portuguese Steak - Wine marinated Sirloin & egg
Lamb Stew & Roast Sweet Potato
(above served with veg and rice/potato/chips/cous cous - we will suggest)

Sweets & Cake
Crème Caramel ( Portuguese different to - ;
Crème Brulee
Granadilla Tart
Dried Fig , Pecan Nut & Cream/Ice Cream
Black Treacle Cake
Madeira Orange Rind Sponge Cake
Sweet Cont.

Els’s Porto Chocolate Cake
Fruit Salad with Port Splash
Fresh Fruit of Season

Lupins & Olives
Cheese Platter & Port Wine
Aguardente & Bica – brandy + coffee
Wines & Beverages by suggestion (to complement food , but there are no rules)
e.g. Goats Hoof ( wine, milk stout , sparkling granadilla & lemon rind )