Die Kerkmuis Restaurant at Orange River Cellars

Breakfast,Lunch,Dinner in Orange River

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Mondays & Thursdays: 09h00 - 21:00
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Our friendly staff at Die Kerkmuis Restaurant at Orange River Cellars is ready to serve you the best local dishes including breakfast, hearty meals, platters and more.

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A church mouse has a hard life … living mainly from breadcrumbs and sweet wine which are only available once every three months with communion. Some Sundays there is cake-and-tea after church which at least helps to alleviate the drought between each communion, but from Monday you have to fast again until next Sunday.

A funeral is the only godsend, but in 2020 it was a muted affair with the COVID regulations that only allowed 50 people.

Each cellar also has a 'Kerkmuis'

- that keg or tank that everyone forgot about after the previous harvest...
- or the wine for which there was no space on the bus to the Veritas Awards...
- maybe an experiment with a new yeast that the winemaker is too scared to taste...
- or a bottle of wine which after the traumatic shock of bottling, all of a sudden six months tastes much better...

Either way, we all know some 'Kerkmuise' that follow a life of trouble and yet strive to deserve much better.

With 'Die Kerkmuis' brand, we pay tribute to these wines that actually deserve much more recognition, but was never given the chance. Although these wines do not have the Cellar Masters Series' lapel on their shoulder, they are not shy to compete with the best. Their price point is much lower, as befits a church mouse, but they offer excellent value for money. We all stumble a bit during the hard times. Therefore, in the spirit of each of us who now have to turn our pennies around to draw value from life, ORC jerked 'Die Kerkmius' from the cheap seats so that we all can end the tough times on a high note, and celebrate at a fair price.