Haute Cabriere Guide to Designing a Perfect Meal

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Use our Guide to design your Perfect Meal...

Enjoy your meal with the wines we have recommended.

APERETIF: Welcoming drink, ceremonies, receptions, oysters - Pierre Jourdan Brut | Liver, liver Pate and scallops - Pierre Jourdan Ratafia

WHITE: Fish, chicken, pastas and Mediterranean food - Haute Cabriere Chardonnay Pinot Noir

RED: Mussels, salmon trout - Pierre Jourdan Belle Rose | Prawns, crayfish and duck, venison, lamb and fillet - Haute Cabriere Unwooded Pinot Noir | Salmon, yellow tail, duck, veal, lamb and venison - Haute Cabriere Pinot Noir

Pear tart & chocolate mousse - Pierre Jourdan Belle Rose | Decadent desserts - Pierre Jourdan Ratafia

The Perfect Pairing with Haute CabriereYour kitchen will smell of freshly baked bread and earthy Moroccan spices with Sarah Graham’s new recipe. Feasting at its finest, this nifty Dukkah Chicken flatbread with lemony yoghurt recipe is about to become your household favourite. And to really round it off until it sings is a glass of Haute Cabrière’s beautiful Unwooded Pinot Noir. Katelyn Williams has paired this meal and the wine with a decadent dessert - homemade black forest sweetie pies. Dee-lish! So don your apron and get cooking and sipping.

Dukkah Chicken Flatbreads with Lemony Yoghurt - by Sarah Graham
These flatbreads are feasting food at their very finest and I can’t wait for you to try them! Your kitchen fills with the smell of bread baking and earthy Moroccan spices toasting, and it’s heavenly - View Recipe

Black Forest Sweetie Pies - by Katelyn Williams
Hand’s up who eats their sweetie pies by digging out the marshmallow filling with their finger before they consume the chocolate shell? Or maybe you’re like me that just tucks straight in and tries to get the entire thing into my mouth as quickly as possible to limit marshmallow wastage? - View Recipe