Ryan's Kitchen

Lunch,Dinner in Franschhoek

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat

lunch 12:30 – 14:30

dinner 18:30 – late

(soon to be open for afternoon snacks and drinks.)

Distinctly South African flavour

The menu is innovative and every dish reveals Ryan’s flare for drama, with a distinctly South African flavour. “I try to approach things from a historical, cultural perspective,” he explains. His love of spices is evident- star anise, cinnamon, cumin seeds and other bowls of spices are even pictured on the menu itself, along with a quote by Roopa Gulati that seems to embody the spirit of the restaurant, well. It says, “From hearty African staples to Cape Malay curries, fiery Indian masalas and European mainstays, modern South African kitchens are a melting pot of world cuisines”.

The menu is divided into four sections, namely salads and vegetables; meat and poultry; fish and shellfish, and dessert. Diners can pick and choose as they wish, or alternatively there is a chef’s choice, five-course menu (only if the entire table orders it), and it can be enjoyed with or without wine pairings. While the menu changes bi-weekly, there are a few staple choices that remain.

Cheerful service brings beautifully plated dishes to the table in waves, and the fact that Ryan and Lana have commissioned a few local ceramicists, including Diana Ferreira, Mervyn Gers and David Walters, to make the majority of the crockery, just shows the level of attention to detail the two invest in their establishment. “As a chef, I’m always trying to do something more, better, different.” The sky is definitely the limit.

Best for: Their new "Small Plates" menu which offers an array of flavours great for sharing.