Gold Restaurant


Open 7 Days a week:
10:00 - 23:00

Discover your African heartbeat!

GOLD Restaurant is a vibrant, eclectic Pan-African experience in the heart of Cape Town. We offer a night of opulent feasting with a unique bouquet of live entertainment in a mystical African setting of trees and tents in an inner city courtyard steeped in ancient history and GOLD.

A typical evening at GOLD Restaurant starts off with the drumbeat of the djembe drum. An interactive drum circle offers you the opportunity to join in and learn how to play the djembe. Soon you will be pounding your drum to the rhythms and sounds of Africa.
After pounding the skins of the drums, we will soothe your hands in a traditional hand washing ceremony as you are led into the ancient courtyards.

Cuisine from our Cape Malay and African kitchen which is served by the magnificently adorned staff bearing your banquet in baskets perched on their heads. While you enjoy the vast variety of different dishes, you will be captivated as the live extravaganza takes place around your table.

Tall, graceful Mali Puppets will captivate you as they dance with the singer, jump to beat of the drum and swirl with the dancers. They will welcome you to GOLD in a truly unique display of singing, dancing and vibrant drumming.

You will have the opportunity to discover your African heartbeat as you join in the final performance performed with all the staff at GOLD.

Interactive Drumming Experience
GOLD hosts an interactive drum circle every evening for 40 minutes with master facilitator, Eddie. Each participant is given their own djembe drum, and Eddie teaches you the different sounds and rhythms of the djembe.

After a few minutes even the most rhythmically challenged will soon find their African spirit and drumbeat as West African rhythms are heard vibrating through the ancient courtyards.

It is truly an invigorating start to a magical evening at GOLD.

GOLD offers an opportunity to sample cuisine from our Cape Malay kitchen, as well as some well loved traditional African inspired dishes. The entire menu is served at the table as a set tasting menu in sharing and individual portions.

GOLD has a very proud association with Tamsin and Lannice Snyman who are our menu consultants and are responsible for all our recipes, research and staff training. It is a wonderful collaboration and we are privileged to have two of South Africa’s finest foodies as part of GOLD. Our head chef, Emily, does justice to their beautiful food every day with her team of 15 ladies.