Thyme Square Cafe

Thyme Square Cafe


Our Mission
From start to finish making every experience as memorable as the last by building lasting relationships through warmth, friendliness and fantastic fare. Creating eye opening culinary journeys which develop an unforgettable and recognisable brand. Offering the best in all aspects of our industry, thereby raising the level of expectation and creating a gourmet revolution.

Our Vision
To create a unique, comfortable and friendly environment for people to relax over a cup of our authentic coffee and sample a selection of original seasonal dishes. To offer quality food, coffee and service unparalleled in the area. To stimulate the culinary unadventurous and provide an exciting venue for the discerning palate. To offer sanctuary to the thirsty traveller and a quick change in rhythm for the business person. To create a professional working environment that instils pride and confidence in its staff and to continue to develop their natural skills. To create memories, comfort and happiness for our patrons and leave them hungering for the next Thyme Square experience.

Our Café
The décor in our shop is stylish, warm and inviting. We have chosen fresh, serene colours to uplift the mood and bring a sparkle to the eye. The shop is cozy yet we have created a comfortable environment for you to relax in over a fine cup of java. Our relaxing music and soft lighting creates a soothing atmosphere and interesting ambiance. This together with our brilliant service, outstanding meals and delicious coffees delivers to our customers the complete 'Thyme Square Cafe' experience.

Our Specialities
Apart from our appeal as the most interesting coffee shop in Ceres, Thyme Square Café has become renowned for our Friday night set menu evenings. Nick and I put together a fantastic new 3 course menu every week. Each meal unique, but always maintaining the quality that we strive for. The Friday night menu boasts style, vibrant colours and full-bodied flavour along with the usual warmth and sharp service of our café.

We have created a database of loyal supporters who get our menu weekly. If you would like to be on that list please contact us with either of the below details. We are now officially running with our much anticipated cooking demonstrations where our charismatic Chef unveils a wide variety of recipes and shares a few tricks of the trade. Amongst them: knife skills, cooking with herbs, tricks to make your Christmas feast gloriously scrumptious, Homemade pasta, low GI cooking, working with pastry, how to make interesting bread, ideas to make your braai spread a lot more exciting, lavish desserts, fish and a whole lot more. If you are interested please contact us.