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Belthazar Restaurant

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Wine, wine everywhere, tempting wine-lovers with the largest wine bar in the world. Welcome to Belthazar, a veritable theatre of fine food and wine on the cutting-edge of "shoppertainment". A multi-purpose restaurant, grill, wine bar and gourmet home accessory shop, Belthazar brings a chic new concept in the culinary arts to Cape Town.

Dedicated to the wise man of the magi who was "lord of treasures", a treasure trove of delights awaits foodies at Belthazar - along with an exclusive catalogue of kitchenware. (We might spell his name a little differently but we like to do things a little differently with a lot of style.)

Owners of award-winning Balducci's, a landmark for contemporary dining at the Cape, traveled the world with their team to find an innovative formula which would showcase South African wine in a prime tourist location at the V&A Waterfront. Follow the romantic lamps to a terrace with dreamy views of Table Bay and the rich ambiance of a wharf warehouse with thousands of bottles of wine, a glittering store of Riedel glassware, wine aprons, corkscrews, cookbooks and exclusive gourmet knives.

Belthazar is the realization of a lifelong passion for wine shared by the Belthazar team. Their vision was to create the largest "wine by the glass" wine bar in the world. Experienced sommeliers expertly serve up to 100 of the Cape's finest wines by the glass and advise customers on a wine-list of up to 500 fine wines and sought-after rare vintages. All of our wines are stored in a designer Vinoteque with dual temperature and humidity controls for red and white wines, served table-ready in Riedel glasses that enhance the wine of your choice. Simply ask your friendly sommelier for assistance.

Belthazar is a totally new experience in wining and dining. With a superb wine selection by single varietal, blend and style, the state-of-the-art wine-list at Belthazar highlights vintage ratings, critics' ratings, wine awards and taste indicators. We are the first retailer in South Africa to use innovative nitrogen-infused technology pioneered in the USA to keep uncorked wine in ideal condition, preventing oxidization while preserving all the aroma, colour and flavour. We want your experience of fine wine at Belthazar to be perfect.

Indulge your palate. Belthazar is so much more than good food and wine. Indulge in the best - from the world's finest wine glasses and revolutionary wine technology to the slick service, superb aged Karan beef, export quality Mozambican shellfish and the freshest South African seafood. We invite you to indulge in the grand finale - a platter of boutique South African cheeses perfectly paired with a selection of Cape port wines.

Our many customers who enjoy the outstanding menu at Balducci's will relish exploring the new world of wining and dining at Belthazar. You'll probably want to take home a bit of Belthazar with you - a wine waiter's friend, a house sauce, a set of chef's knives or a Riedel wine decanter. Take a peek at our gourmet merchandise on your way out.