Cathedral Cellar with Chef Mynhardt Joubert


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A sough-after and exclusive venue in Paarl in the Cape Winelands. Chef Mynhardt Joubert is the custodian of Mynhardt’s Cathedral Cellar Kitchen, a space flanked by some of the biggest, and hand-carved, wine vats in the world.

Chef Mynhardt Joubert

“My journey into food and wine probably already had its origins in my life as a performing artist where I started my career. There are so many similarities between the stage and the food industry: the wonderful creative energy, the intense discipline and the one opportunity to get it right!”

Cathedral Cellar Kitchen

The Cathedral Cellar is one of the most exquisite venues in the winelands. Allowing an intimate party of up to 120 guests, this venue dates back to the 1930s when it was converted into KWV’s main cellar. Guests here are flanked by larger-than-life stuk vats, some of the biggest in the world, which simultaneously provides a serene and dramatic atmosphere. The dome-like ceiling – from where the Cathedral Cellar draws its name – evokes a holy feeling, making it absolutely perfect for memorable events.

About The Chef

Experiential cook and Consultant Chef and Ambassador to KWV, Chef Mynhardt Joubert, has been given custodianship of the venue, which is named Mynhardt’s Kitchen at Cathedral Cellar. Mynhardt was first welcomed into the kitchens of South Africans as the winner of the first season of KykNet’s reality cooking series Kokkedoor – and he has since become a familiar name in culinary circles. Today Mynhardt is well-known for his generous, homely and creative entertainment style. Mynhardt grew up in the Eastern Free State, a background which still shapes his culinary approach: he is inspired by traditional food with a strong heritage link. Guests who book a seat at Mynhardt’s Kitchen in Cathedral Cellar, can expect the same, generous dining experience. The dishes Mynhardt prepare are really renditions of stories he has accumulated over the years, and diners are invited to enjoy this journey in one of South Africa’s most spectacular settings!

What we offer

An all inclusive dining experience for 80+ guests.
At Cathedral Cellar Kitchen we offer the ultimate bespoke dining experience, including Food, Staff & Decor. Browse our full service offering below or request a booking today.

Various food options and packages are available to ensure a tailored approach to your event. Chef Mynhardt’s food reflects his generous personality and guests are guaranteed to enjoy truly delicious food without leaving hungry.

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