Fleur du Cap Wine & Salt Pairings

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Discover the unusual combination of Fleur du Cap wines and artisanal salts at daily wine tastings where handmade salted morsels meld with our superb hands-off, naturally crafted wines daily at 12pm

Did you know that there are at least 161 different types of salt? Chef Craig Cormack does! In fact, he is so fascinated with this commodity that he has spearheaded this unique salt tasting experience; with the intention of building up a collection from salts all over the world (he currently has 68 different types). He designs each dish for a specific flavour and taste, to fit a flavour profile and pair with one of the wines from the Unfiltered range. Craig believes that this range, which is inspired by nature, is ideal for salt pairing as the wines have greater complexity and richness. It’s these richly layered wines perfectly complement the saltiness of the food. The result? A delightfully unique experience.