Tulbagh MTB Club


The club was created quite recently (2012) by a goup of local MTB enthusiasts who realised that the Tulbagh – Wolseley area was fast becoming popular in the MTB world and needed to be organised to ensure creation of quality tracks and as such, to enhance the Tulbagh Valley as a MTB destination.
Tulbagh Routes - Blistering Trails & Sumptuous Jeep Tracks…

It was also important to ensure local and visiting riders would be able to access these trails without risking trespassing onto private lands.

Between the riders from the areas of Tulbagh, Wolseley, Gouda and Ceres a constitution was created and voted into effect and a management committee was elected.

We are constantly working on and updating our routes so that everyone can come and enjoy our beautiful valley to its fullest extent.

Below are the routes available when you have purchased a weekend permit or annual membership. More routes will be coming shortly.

Route 1:
Schalkenbosch 17kms

Route 2:
Steinthal 14km x 500m elevation

Route 3:
Steinthal - Schalkenbosch 23kms x 1.4kms elevation

Route 4:
(Under Construction) Saronsberg - TJ - Theuniskraal - Welbedacht 28km x 700m elevation

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