Game Drives & Wildlife Sanctuary

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In conjunction with two neighbors (The Cape Garden Centre and Wild Clover Farm) Villiera set aside 220ha of land as a wildlife sanctuary in 2009.

It includes 12 dams plus marsh areas which attract a huge variety of bird-life. Indigenous trees are grown in old milk containers, plastic water bottles etc. by our staff and then bought from them when a year old and planted out. Thousands of indigenous trees have also been donated by the Cape Garden Centre. To date well over 100 000 trees have been planted.

A number of mammals have been introduced in the Wildlife Sanctuary: SpringbuckKuduGiraffeBontebokElandGemsbokBlack WildebeestBush PigBurchell's Zebracommon DuikerSteenbuckWaterbuck and Grysbok.

The Wildlife Sanctuary is situated in Koelenhof and access is gained through Villiera's vineyards. A game drive through the 220 hectares lasts approximately two hours.

Booking is essential, please phone +27.218652002 and ask for game drive bookings:
Game Drives Per Adult: R260 (includes a Wine Tasting)
Game Drives for Children Under 15 Years: R130 each

Game Drives last about 2 hours and includes a tasting of Villiera's wines.
Note game drives are weather permitting.

 Both valid until 31 January 2021 

Click HERE to download our Wildlife Sanctuary brochure.

According to Level 1 lockdown rules: Wine sales are only allowed from Mondays to Fridays(09h00 to 17h00).

Excluding Saturdays and Public Holidays.