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Daily Public Scheduled Tours
Monday - Saturday
10h00 - English
10h15 - German
14h15 - English
11h00 - English

The KWV Wine Emporium - The ultimate South African wine and brandy experience!
The KWV Wine Emporium - The ultimate South African wine and brandy experience!

Daily Public Scheduled Tours

These tours starts with an audio-visual presentation of the KWV and its various brands. A specialised tour guide will take visitors through a barrel maturation cellar, then to the world-renowned Cathedral Cellar, and the five big vats. The tour ends with an informal tasting of six products.

Duration : 75 minutes.
Mon to Sat: 10h00 (English), 10h15 (German), 10h30 (English) and 14h15 (English)
Sundays : 11h00 (English) R30.00 per person. R10.00 children
  • Additional tours upon reservation only.
    More Experiences - By appointment only
The Wine and Food Experience
Throw out all the rules about "white wine with fish" and explore the essential element to enjoy wine and food together : balance. We will first examine the basic components of wine and the role they play in creating a balanced wine. Visitors will then taste some unseasoned foods and learn how proper seasoning can bring the taste of both the wine and food to life.

R105.00 per person
Duration : 2 hrs. Minimum persons 8 - max 16.

The Wine Growing Tour
Designed for visitors who are looking for a more in-depth experience. The Wine Growing Tour also begins like the conventional Cellar Tour but includes a tour of the very modern fermentation cellar. In season, we will walk through our crushing facilities, where one of our winemaker will meet us for a short technical discussion. We cannot, however, guarantee that a winemaker will always be available. The tour will end with a formal tasting of 8 wines, including our top of the range Cathedral Cellar.

Duration: 2 hours
R50.00 per person
(Less than nine persons. Minimum fee R400.00)