Delaire Graff Art & Gardens

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Laurence Graff, owner of Delaire Graff Estate, has acquired a collection of contemporary South African art works that many a global institution would give their eye teeth for.
The Art
Walking through the aesthetically charged spaces and grounds on the estate, one is privileged to spend time among an acclaimed collection of South African paintings and sculptures from the likes of Sydney Kumalo, Dylan Lewis, Fred Schimmel, Durant Sihlali, Deborah Bell, Anton Smit, and a couple of Kentridge's - including a rare collaboration between Kentridge, Robert Hodgins, and Deborah Bell.
The Gardens
The grounds have been designed and landscaped by Keith Kirsten, South Africa's celebrity horticulturalist, and multi gold medal finalist at Chelsea Flower Show. Often called "South Africa's favourite gardener", Kirsten's booming voice and turbocharged personality has entertained and educated radio and TV audiences for more than 30 years.
In Delaire, Keith has pulled out all the stops to create an uncompromisingly spectacular display of local flora 365 days a year - both as a feature in itself, as well as a fascinating florid backdrop to the Estate's art, architecture and ambience. Not a single tree was uprooted or damaged in the redevelopment of the Estate, and over 3000 new indigenous plants, shrubs and trees have been planted.
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