Wolfberg Cracks & Arch


Approximately 1,2 km from Sanddrif, at the foot of the Wolfberg, there is a parking area under the oak trees. This is the start of the walk.

The path leading to the Cracks is clearly visible. Three Cracks can be viewed, of which the first two are easily recognisable. The hike to the third crack is for the more adventurous tourist. A map indicating the route is available from the office at Dwarsrivier. At the top of the mountain, a path leads the way to the Arch. It’s easy to follow with cairns indicating where the path is not clear. Although there is an alternative route via the Riff, the same route is recommended on returning from the Arch.

Duration: Cracks - 3 hours (return)
Cracks & Arch - 8 hours (return)
Permits: Obtainable from our office
Cost: Cracks R25.00 per adult & R14-00 per school learner
Cracks & Arch R50.00 per adult & R28.00 per school learner

Permits and advice can be collected at the office.