Wilderer's Distillery


Master Distiller Helmut Wilderer does not compromise when it comes to quality. Every process during the creation of Wilderer's fine spirits is carefully completed.

A very important part of these processes is the distillation. Helmut Wilderer has chosen one of the most innovative and experienced suppliers of high- tech distilleries in the world. Ulrich Kothe designed and installed the still for Wilderer's. For this, Mr. Kothe was especially flown to South Africa.

This discontinuous copper pot still has a capacity of 700 litres and a column with three metal plates. Allowing for a triple distillation in one step.

A simplified explanation of the distilling process is as follows:
The copper kettle is filled with the fermented fruit mash or grape skins. The water- jacket around the kettle is boiled by a gas burner. This guarantees an even distribution of heat.

Pure alcohol starts to evaporate 78,3 degrees Celsius. At this point the master distiller decides when the first run changes to the heart and, after many hours, the heart changes to the tail. To release the full spectrum of aroma the distillation process is slow and careful.

At the end of a long production day only a few litres are good enough to be called Wilderer's Eau de Vie.