Runner Duck Parade

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Please take note of the new duck parade times for the season: (Spring / Summer)
Mon - Fri (10h30, 12:30 & 15:00),
Sat - Sun - Public Holidays (10h00, 12h30 & 15h00).

An amusing daily ritual at Vergenoegd where our flock of Indian Runner Ducks line-up in eager anticipation of their day in the vineyards.Come and join The Duck Parade by booking today!

This waddling workforce is essential to the farm’s pest-control, consuming a startling amount of snails and bugs on their daily patrols. The ducks are also a big part of why Vergenoegd proudly carries WWF biodiversity certification. We utilize 1070 Runner Ducks at the Vergenoegd farm to assist in the control of the snail and pest population in our vineyards, a practice we have been refining since 1984. We have a basic research and breeding program in place to keep our workforce of ducks productive, healthy and happy, and intrigued guests can take a tour of the duck pens and “breeding room” with Denzel, our duck farmer. Come and cheer the ducks on their way then stay a while and let us help you unfold the full Vergenoegd experience.

As we enter the Spring & Summer months, snails become more active in the vineyards so our quack squad will head to work a little earlier in the morning to eat their delicious escargot breakfast.

Duck parade times are as follows: 10h30, 12h30 & 15h00 (Mon - Sun, including public holidays).