Make your own wine @ Stellenrust

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Stellenrust launched a new venture in 2003, giving the public the opportunity to come and make their own wine. We give the members of the public the chance to pick, stomp and brew their own award winning wine.
Make your own wine takes place from mid-January to end March each year
(depending on the harvest
 All wines are made using absolutely NO MACHINERY and only free-running juice which is naturally fermented to create the flavour du jour essence of our wines.

Groups from a minimum of 20 people (strictly private) no add-ons or join-inns, are invited to, by appointment, take part in such a wine making event. The day normally starts at 10h00 where guests arrive and are treated to a glass of Cap Classique - here they get to meet the owners/personnel of the estate and some of the history and heritage of the farm. 

A tractor-pulled wagon is then lined up to escort guests into the vineyards where they have to pick their own grapes using scissors and a traditional basket. Upon return to the cellar, a full wine tasting is presented and participants are taught the essence of winemaking in a nutshell.

Now guests climb into big 9 square meter tanks containing up to 3 tons of grapes which fit them up to their waist - this is not for the faint hearted and overwhelms the small barrel stompings some other estates do. After swimming in the grapes and a hard day’s work, participants are treated with a cold shower and then of course our infamous Boland buffet braai or Picnic.

To top all this, all stompers receive 6 bottles of their own handmade wine the following year after proper barrel ageing. The day-event normally stops at round about 15h00 (depending on those people that just can’t leave the tank) and beverages like wine, beers and ciders are included in the package.

We also have a new activity on the farm that can be enjoyed through-out the year, our Blending Competition - click here to download the info in pdf format.

Come enjoy our hospitality and taste the passion you put into your own wine!!!

Click here to view more pics of our fun wine making.